Yehuda Halevi

141. Yehuda Halevi — Anal

type: str
Departed Tenes, Algeria 11 May 1947, arrived 31 May 1947

ex-Anal, ex-Earl of Zetland II, ex-Earl of Zetland, built 1877, 253 gross tons, iron steamer

399 passengers

Formerly the Hebrides islands local ferry Earl of Zetland. The first to bring immigrants from North Africa, but had to leave before all had boarded. 315 men, 54 women, 29 children; a 2-year-old child died on board. Arrested by destroyer Talybont and sloop Peacock. No resistance; towed to Haifa by the minesweeper Skipjack. Immigrants taken to Cyprus on the Ocean Vigour.

Name: Yehuda Halevi (1086-1145), a native of Toledo, Spain, was the greatest Hebrew poet of his time.

Book: “The Saga of a Ship: the Earl of Zetland” by Adam Robson.

Photograph source: Algerine Associates

Name Yehuda Halevi
Voyage Number
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 253/1877
Sailing Date 11 May 1947
Country of departure Algeria
Arrival date in Palestine 31 May 1947
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 399
Organizer of voyage

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