64. Salvador

Departed Burgas, Bulgaria 3 Dec 1940, wrecked 12 Dec 1940

ex-Tzar Krum, ex-Sviatoi Nikolai, built 1912, 65 gross tons, wood schooner with auxiliary motor

327 passengers

Organized by Konfino

The refugees boarded the small Bulgarian schooner Car Krum, renamed Salvador. Bulgar authorities insisted the ship depart and forced a change in registry as unseaworthy. On 12 Dec 1940 the boat was dismasted and wrecked in a violent storm at Silivri in the Sea of Marmora with the loss of 223 persons including 66 children. The survivors were taken back to Istanbul but 125 were deported to Bulgaria. The remaining 70 left on the Darien (No. 65).

Film: Their story is seen in the documentary film “”Salvador: the Ship of Shattered Hopes”” (2006).

Photograph source: Haganah Archives

Name Salvador
Voyage Number
Flag Uruguay
Gross tons / Year Built 65/1912
Sailing Date 3-Dec-40
Country of departure Bulgaria
Arrival date in Palestine 12-Dec-40
Result of voyage wrecked
Number of immigrants on board 327
Organizer of voyage Konfino

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