58. Sakarya

Departed Sulina, Bulgaria 1-Feb-1940, arrived 13-Feb-1940

ex- Sacaria, ex- Africshore, ex -Lome, ex- Helene Woermann, ex- Montevideo, built 1888, 2612 gross tons, passenger steamer.

2175 passengers

Under the auspices of Adolf Eichmann, the refugees left Vienna on Danube river boats. Saturnus left on 16 Nov 1939 and picked up 600 at Bratislava. Grein left 17 Dec 1939 with 530 refugees. Barge Spyroula brought the Paltin group from Bratislava. All these refugees were kept on the boats at Sulina in frigid conditions until their ship arrived. Saturnus and Grein were ordered to return before the river froze. Sakarya was intercepted at sea off Tenedos Island by HMS Fiona. 9 Feb and taken to Haifa with a guard on board. The Turkish-flag Sakarya brought the largest group to arrive to date; the men were interned at Athlit. Eri Jabotinsky was on board and arrested.

Photograph source: Silverstone Collection

Name Sakarya
Voyage Number
Flag Turkey
Gross tons / Year Built 2612/1888
Sailing Date 1-Feb-40
Country of departure Romania
Arrival date in Palestine 13-Feb-40
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 2175
Organizer of voyage Revisionists

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