77. Milka

Departed Constanta, Romania 23-Mar-1944, arrived 31-Mar-1944
built 1943, 111 gross tons, auxiliary schooner
410 passengers
The departure of the Milka from Constanta resumed the organized sailings of refugees, as it appeared to the Romanian government they were on the wrong side. The refugees had left Cernauti only a few days before it was captured by the Russians. Milka and the following ships left despite the adamant opposition of the Germans. She arrived in Istanbul where, through the intervention of US envoy Ira Hirschman, the people were put on a sealed train for the overland trip to Palestine.

Name Milka
Voyage Number 1
Flag Bulgaria
Gross tons / Year Built 111/1943
Sailing Date 23-Mar-44
Country of departure Romania
Arrival date in Palestine 31-Mar-44
Result of voyage overland
Number of immigrants on board 410
Organizer of voyage Mossad

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