Knesset Israel

130. Knesset Israel — Lochita

type: str
Departed Bakar, Yugoslavia 8 Nov 1946, arrived 25 Nov 1946

ex-Lochita, ex-Anna, ex-Evelyn B., ex-Elise, ex-Industria, ex-Nils, ex-Winnie, built 1889, 1870 gross tons, steamer.

3845 passengers

This ship carried the largest number to date, picking up the 600 survivors of the HaKedosha (No. 129). 11 babies born during the voyage. Captured without resistance by destroyers Haydon and Brissenden and minesweepers Octavia and Espiegle. But at Haifa efforts to transship the refugees to deportation ships were met with much resistance and two refugees were killed and 46 injured. The refugees were taken to Cyprus on the Empire Heywood, Empire Rival, and Ocean Vigour.

Name: Gathering of Israel.

Photograph source: Algerine Associates

Name Knesset Israel
Voyage Number
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 1870/1889
Sailing Date 8 Nov 1946
Country of departure Yugoslavia
Arrival date in Palestine 25 Nov 1946
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 3845
Organizer of voyage

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