140. Hatikva — Tradewinds

type: str
Departed Bogliasco, near Genoa, Italy 8 May 1947, arrived 17 May 1947

ex-Trade Winds, ex-T.V. McAllister, ex-USCGC Gresham, built 1897, 741 gross tons, former Coast Guard cutter.

1414 passengers

Formerly the US Coast Guard cutter Gresham, manned by American volunteers. Rammed and captured by the destroyers Venus and Brissenden. 895 men, 479 women, 37 children, 2 newborn babies. The refugees fought to prevent the ship being boarded. The American crew members mingled with the passengers and went with them to Cyprus.

Name “Hatikva” means “The Hope” and is the title of the Jewish national hymn.

Photograph source: Algerine Associates

Name Hatikva
Voyage Number
Flag Honduras
Gross tons / Year Built 741/1897
Sailing Date 8 May 1947
Country of departure Italy
Arrival date in Palestine 17 May 1947
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 1414
Organizer of voyage

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