Haim Arlosoroff

133. Haim Arlosoroff — Ulua

Departed Trelleborg, Sweden 24 Jan 1947, arrived 27 Feb 1947

ex-Ulua, ex-USCGC Unalga, built 1912, 808 gross tons, former US Coast Guard cutter

1378 passengers

Ulua was formerly the US Coast Guard cutter Unalga, and manned by American volunteers. Embarked 664 teenage girls at Trelleborg, Sweden, then took on more refugees in Italy at Metaporto from the Shabtai Luzinsky (No. 136) whose engines had broken down. Plan to name the ship Struma was dropped for political reasons. Intercepted by British ships there was a violent battle until the ship was run aground on the beach south of Haifa, just opposite a British Army camp. Immigrants taken off by lighters and transshipped to Ocean Vigour, Empire Comfort, and Empire Lifeguard for the trip to Cyprus. 632 men, 680 women, 66 children.

Name: Haim Arlosoroff (1899-1933) was a Zionist leader in Palestine whose murder in 1933 had political overtones and has never been solved.

Book: “The Voyage of the Ulua” by Arie L. Eliav

Name Haim Arlosoroff
Voyage Number
Flag Honduras
Gross tons / Year Built 808/1912
Sailing Date 24 Jan 1947
Country of departure Sweden
Arrival date in Palestine 27 Feb 1947
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 1378
Organizer of voyage

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