168. Altalena — Altalena

type: LST
Departed Port de Bouc, France 13 Jun 1948, arrived 22 Jun 1948

ex-LST-138, built 1944, 1820 gross tons, former landing ship

930 passengers

Irgun ship with 930 passengers & arms, beached at Tel Aviv during truce. Ship was attacked by Israeli Army over confusion as to disposition of armaments aboard. Ship was abandoned on fire. Menachem Begin boarded the ship when it arrived.

Name: Altalena was the pen name used by Jabotinsky in his youth.

Note: Altalena is not an Aliyah Bet ship but listed for information purposes.

Name Altalena
Voyage Number
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 1820/1944
Sailing Date 13 Jun 1948
Country of departure France
Arrival date in Palestine 22 Jun 1948
Result of voyage
Number of immigrants on board 930
Organizer of voyage

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