35 Giborei Kfar Etzion

157. 35 Giborei Kfar Etzion — Sylvia Starita

type: barkentine
Departed Palestrina, Italy 17 Jan 1948, arrived 31 Jan 1948 check

ex-Silvia Starita, ex-G. Carducci, ex-Giosue Carducci, built 1921, 114 gross tons, wood 2-mast auxiliary barkentine

280 passengers

Intercepted off the coast by destroyer Childers with 179 men, 89 women, 12 children, mostly Hungarian or Romanian. No opposition. Taken to Cyprus on the Empire Rival.

Name means “35 Heroes of Kfar Etzion,” referring to the 35 members of Haganah killed near Kfar Etzion in the Judean Hills on January 16th.

Photograph source: Leaning Masts

Name 35 Giborei Kfar Etzion
Voyage Number
Flag Italy
Gross tons / Year Built 114/1921
Sailing Date 17 Jan 1948
Country of departure Italy
Arrival date in Palestine 31 Jan 1948
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 280
Organizer of voyage

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