161. Yehiam — Esmeralda

type: schr
Departed Gaeta, Italy 10 Mar 1948, arrived 29 Mar 1948

ex-Esmeralda, built 1944, 343 gross tons

771 passengers

Departed with only 238 passengers, took on 550 from Nakhshon (No. 164) when that ship’s engines broke down. Ship captured with no resistance by the destroyer Verulam. Immigrants taken to Cyprus on the Empire Rival.

Name: A kibbutz in Galilee taken by the Haganah, after a convoy sent to reinforce the kibbutz was ambushed and 47 soldiers were killed.

Photograph source:

Name Yehiam
Voyage Number
Gross tons / Year Built 343/1944
Sailing Date 10 Mar 1948
Country of departure Italy
Arrival date in Palestine 29 Mar 1948
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 771
Organizer of voyage

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