3. Velos 2

Departed Varna, Bulgaria 6 Sep 1934, arrived 13 Nov 1934

ex-Frandjis Elias, ex-Masia V, ex-Jeannie Antoinette, 117 gross tons, built 1906

318 passengers

Departed from Varna, Bulgaria. 239 men, 79 women, mostly Polish. Turned away by British, returned to Piraeus. Passengers returned to Romania by another ship and then by train to Poland. All received full refund.

Name Velos
Voyage Number 2
Flag Greece
Gross tons / Year Built 117/1905
Sailing Date 6-Sep-34
Country of departure Bulgaria
Arrival date in Palestine not
Result of voyage turned back
Number of immigrants on board 318
Organizer of voyage Hehalutz

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