131. Rafiah — Athina S.

type: str
Departed Bakar, Yugoslavia 26 Nov 1946, sank 5 Dec 1946

ex-Athina S., ex-Panaghia, ex-Joyeuse, built 1898, 273 gross tons, passenger steamer

785 passengers

Wrecked on Syrina (Sirna) Island in the Aegean in extremely bad weather. Reported the refugees were to be transferred to the Lochita (No. 130) at sea. Eight were lost, including three children. Survivors were rescued in a storm by the British minesweeper Providence, destroyer Chevron, and the Greek destroyer Themistocles, transferred to LST 3016 and taken to Cyprus. Women and children were taken to Palestine in Feb 1947.

Name: Town in northern Sinai, site of a British prison camp.

Photograph source: Aris Bilalis

Name Rafiah
Voyage Number
Flag Greece
Gross tons / Year Built 273/1898
Sailing Date 26 Nov 1946
Country of departure Yugoslavia
Arrival date in Palestine 5 Dec 1946
Result of voyage sunk 785
Number of immigrants on board 785
Organizer of voyage

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