Medinat HaYehudim

147. Medinat HaYehudim — Northland

type: str
Departed Burgas, Bulgaria 26 Sep 1947, arrived 2 Oct 1947

ex-Northland, ex-USCGC Northland, built 1927, 1273 gross tons, former US Coast Guard cutter

2664 passengers

Formerly the US Coast Guard cutter Northland, manned by American volunteers. Sailed with the Geulah (No. 148) to Bayonne, France, where they were fitted for passengers. Then to the Black Sea to pick up her passengers in Bulgaria.

1161 men, 1079 women, 424 children. The ships were shadowed by British ships after leaving the Dardanelles. Force and tear gas were used to disembark the passengers in Haifa. A 2-year-old child died during the voyage. The passengers were taken to Cyprus on the Empire Rest, Empire Comfort, and Snowden Smith. Later served in Israeli Navy as Elath.

Name means “The Jewish State.”

Photograph source: Haganah Archives

Name Medinat HaYehudim
Voyage Number
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 1273/1927
Sailing Date 26 Sep 1947
Country of departure Bulgaria
Arrival date in Palestine 2 Oct 1947
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 2664
Organizer of voyage

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