Max Nordau

112. Max Nordau — Smyrnie

Type: m/v
Departed Constanta, Romania, 7 May 1946, arrived 14 May 1946

ex-Smyrni, built 1907, 761 gross tons

1754 passengers

Ship was purchased in Romania in 1942, but after the Mefkure (No. 85) was sunk, the passengers refused to sail. Captured by British destroyers Jervis and Chequers. The largest contingent of refugees to date, including 370 (240 under 12) children.

Name: Max Nordau (1849-1923) was a famous Zionist leader and philosopher.

Name Max Nordau
Voyage Number
Flag Greece
Gross tons / Year Built 761/1907
Sailing Date 7 May 1946
Country of departure Romania
Arrival date in Palestine 14 May 1946
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 1754
Organizer of voyage

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