39. Marsis

Departed 16-Jun-1939, arrived 28-Jun-1939

schooner, 70 gross tons

724 passengers ??

Organized by Betar (Stavsky)

Refugees originally arrived on Astir (No. 23) but forced to leave. On Jun 13th owner of Astir commandeered the schooner at Piraeus, passengers transferred at sea. Landed south of Gaza. Schooner disabled, one mast missing, and taking water, taken in tow by destroyer HMS Icarus, but foundered before reaching Haifa. 303 refugees were arrested.

Name Marsis
Voyage Number
Gross tons / Year Built 100/unk
Sailing Date 16-Jun-39
Country of departure #25
Arrival date in Palestine 28-Jun-39
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 724
Organizer of voyage

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