Katriel Jaffe

122. Katriel Jaffe — Maria Serra

type: barkentine
Departed Italy 30 Jul 1946, arrived 13 Aug 1946

ex-Maria Serra, built 1920, 335 gross tons, wood auxiliary barkentine

604 passengers

Captured at sea by British destroyer Talybont after resistance to being boarded. About 400 men, 200 women, 20 children.

Name: Katriel Jaffe was the commander of a Palmach unit (“the 23”) lost during the war.

Photograph source: Silverstone Collection

Name Katriel Jaffe
Voyage Number
Flag Italy
Gross tons / Year Built 335/1920
Sailing Date 31 Jul 1946
Country of departure Italy
Arrival date in Palestine 13 Aug 1946
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 604
Organizer of voyage

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