129. HaKedosha — Agia Anastasia

type: m/v
Departed Bakar, near Rijeka, Yugoslavia 8 Nov 1946, sank 9 Nov 1946

ex-Agia Anastasia, built (unk),

600 passengers

Foundered in gale 9 Nov 1946, 600 passengers rescued by Lochita (No. 130)..

Name: Holiness. Also known as Abba Berditchev, named after one of the Jewish youths who parachuted into Yugoslavia, who was killed in 1944

Name HaKedosha
Voyage Number
Flag Greece
Gross tons / Year Built
Sailing Date 8 Nov 1946
Country of departure Yugoslavia
Arrival date in Palestine 9 Nov 1946
Result of voyage sunk
Number of immigrants on board 600
Organizer of voyage

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