148. Geulah — Paducah

type: str
Departed Burgas, Bulgaria 26 Sep 1947, arrived 2 Oct 1947

ex-Paducah, ex-USS Paducah, built 1904, 916 gross tons, former US gunboat

1385 passengers

Former US Navy gunboat, manned by American volunteers. Sailed with the Northland (No. 147) to France and the Black Sea. Embarked her passengers in Bulgaria. 593 men, 528 women, 284 children. Escorted into Haifa by the destroyer Chaplet. Refugees taken to Cyprus on the Empire Shelter and Empire Comfort.

Name means “Redemption.”

Book: “Running the Palestine Blockade” by Capt. Rudolph W. Patzert

Photograph source: LGF Brown

Name Geulah
Voyage Number
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 916/1904
Sailing Date 26 Sep 1947
Country of departure Bulgaria
Arrival date in Palestine 2 Oct 1947
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 1385
Organizer of voyage

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