11. Draga 1

Departed Susak, Yugoslavia 20-Sep-1938, arrived 5-Oct-1938 on Artemisia (No.12)

ex-Gyuri, ex-Cap Ferrat, ex-Lieselotte, ex-Turnus, ex-Tarset, ex-HMS Kilburn, built 1918, 643 gross tons, steamer.

Organized by Betar

Picked up 220 passengers at Fiume, Betar members who had come by train from Vienna, plus 80 fromWarsaw. The Italians were about to send the group back as the ship was late in arriving. Passengers transferred at sea to Artemisia (No. 12) for landing.

Name Draga
Voyage Number 1
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 643/1918
Sailing Date 20-Sep-38
Country of departure Italy
Arrival date in Palestine tfrd to #12
Result of voyage tfrd to #12
Number of immigrants on board 246
Organizer of voyage Revisionists (Perl)

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