14. Draga 2

Departed Galatz & Sulina, Romania 6-Nov-1938, arrived Dec 1938

ex-Gyuri, ex-Cap Ferrat, ex-Lieselotte, ex-Turnus, ex-Tarset, ex-HMS Kilburn, built 1918, 643 gross tons, steamer (see No. 12)

544 passengers

Organized by Revisionists; Perl

Because the Draga was known by the British as an immigrant ship in the Adriatic, it was sent to Romania for the second voyage. She was disguised as the Spanish Libertad. Passengers came down the Danube from Vienna on river boats 544 on Minerva and Grein, and boarded at Galatz. Included 150 former Dachau inmates, 46 from Romania, and 14 in Romania without visas. Draga met Elli (No. 15) at a Turkish port and transferred about 300 people, and transferred 300 to another ship, possibly Artemisia .

Name Draga
Voyage Number 2
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 643/1918
Sailing Date 6-Nov-38
Country of departure Romania
Arrival date in Palestine
Result of voyage Trfd to #15
Number of immigrants on board 544
Organizer of voyage Revisionists (Perl)

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