Dov Hos

113. Dov Hos — Fede

type: m/v
Departed La Spezia, Italy, 8 May 1946, arrived 13 May 1946

ex-Fede, built 1946, 512 gross tons, motor vessel

675 passengers

The passengers arrived at La Spezia on 8 April 1946 and were blockaded by the British. Yehuda Arazi exploited the situation, and organized a hunger strike, then threatened to blow up the ship. After a truce, the British finally gave in, the passengers were given permits and arrived legally on Fede and Fenice. Refugees included 167 partisans from Poland, members of pioneer groups and ultra-Orthodox Agudat Israel, and 12 children. By this maneuver, Arazi gained world-wide publicity for the plight of the Jewish survivors.

Name: Dov Hos (1894-1940) was a founder of the Haganah.

Photograph source: Haganah Archives

Name Dov Hos
Voyage Number
Flag Italy
Gross tons / Year Built 512/1946
Sailing Date 8 May 1946
Country of departure Italy
Arrival date in Palestine 13 May 1946
Result of voyage legal
Number of immigrants on board 675
Organizer of voyage

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