22. Chepo 2

Departed Balchik, Romania 20-Feb-1939, wrecked 10 Mar 1939

ex-Laris, ex-Katina P, ex-Barletta, built 1898, 1047 gross tons, steamer.

750 passengers

Organized by Betar

Ship wrecked north of Crete, 10 Mar 1939. Passengers were able to reach an uninhabited island with their luggage but were marooned. Mossad contacted the Katina (No. 19) which picked them up.

Photo courtesy of World Ship Society

Name Chepo
Voyage Number 2
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 1047/1898
Sailing Date 20-Feb-39 R
Country of departure omania
Arrival date in Palestine 10-Mar-39
Result of voyage wrecked
Number of immigrants on board 750
Organizer of voyage Revisionists (Perl)

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