61. Atlantic

Departed Tulcea 7-Oct-1940, arrived 24-Nov-1940

ex-Emilie, ex-Syros, ex-Adriaticos, ex-Caloric, built 1885, 1003 gross tons, steamer,

1771 passengers

Organized by Storfer

The third ship carrying Storfer’s transport, the Atlantic, took the Danube refugees from the Sch�nbrunn and Helios. (See Pacific No. 62) Although they sailed first they arrived in Haifa last. The ship was described as grossly overcrowded, standing room only on deck, below lack of ventilation and light; no ablution or laundry facilities; no proper cooking facilities. The Atlantic passengers were taken to Athlit Camp. The British government had announced that any Jews arriving without papers would be deported, and 1584 were forcibly removed from the camp and were taken to Mauritius where they spent the war.

Photograph source: 75 Years of Hebrew Shipping

Name Atlantic
Voyage Number
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 1003/1885
Sailing Date 7-Oct-40
Country of departure Romania
Arrival date in Palestine 24-Nov-40
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 1771
Organizer of voyage Storfer

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