28. Assimi

Departed Constanta 20-Mar-1939, arrived 11-Apr-1939

ex- New Pioneer, built 1905, 722 gross tons, steamer.

369 passengers

Organized by Mizrachi

Arrested off Caesarea. 141 landed before capture. The ship was detained while crew was tried for bringing in illegal immigrants. Captain was reprieved so the ship could sail, ship with 228 on board was escorted out of harbor by police launches on 23 Apr, unseaworthy and without food, medicine or proper lifesaving apparatus. Two further attempts were made to land. See Dimitrios (No. 38).

Photograph source: Haganah Archives

Name Assimi
Voyage Number
Flag Panama
Gross tons / Year Built 722/1905
Sailing Date 20-Mar-39
Country of departure Romania
Arrival date in Palestine 11-Apr-39
Result of voyage turned back
Number of immigrants on board 369
Organizer of voyage Mizrachi

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