Aghia Zoni

26. Aghia Zoni P.

Departed Fiume 16 Mar 1939, arrived 22 Apr 1939

ex- Taranto, built 1899, 1227 gross tons, passenger steamer.

600 passengers

Organized by Betar

150 Germans came from Switzerland 21 Feb 1939. They & others housed in hotel in Abbazia then told they would be returned. But through intervention by the local police chief, bishop and rabbi they were permitted to stay in a wine warehouse. Italians wanted to deport foreign Jews in Italy illegally. Departure was further delayed while the ship was made seaworthy. Passengers were landed on beach near Isdud. 218 people including women & children were found wandering the dunes all night and taken to Sarafand camp. 383 others were landed earlier, 44 escaped, and 173 were captured.

Name Aghia Zoni
Voyage Number
Flag Greece
Gross tons / Year Built 1227/1899
Sailing Date 16-Mar-39
Country of departure Italy
Arrival date in Palestine 22-Apr-39
Result of voyage undetected
Number of immigrants on board 600
Organizer of voyage Revisionists (Perl)

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