29 beNovember

153. 29 beNovember — Giovanni Maria

type: barkentine
Departed Corsica 14 Dec 1947, arrived 28 Dec 1947

ex-Giovanni Maria, ex-Kléber, built 1907, 280 gross tons, wood 3-mast barkentine

680 passengers

Passengers, including 124 children, transferred from LeKommemiyut (No. 159) off Corsica. Captured by HMS Chevron, no resistance. Taken to Cyprus on the Ocean Vigour. Also called He’Chalutz.

Name refers to the date of the United Nations resolution approving the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states.

Photograph source: Leaning Masts

Name 29 beNovember
Voyage Number
Flag Italy
Gross tons / Year Built 280/1907
Sailing Date 14 Dec 1947
Country of departure France
Arrival date in Palestine 28 Dec 1947
Result of voyage arrested
Number of immigrants on board 680
Organizer of voyage

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